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2KW Solid-State

2KW Solid-State

Product Information
 Compact lightweight
 Universal mains input
 Mosfet power design
 Harmonic filter
 Double PLL oscillator stability
 LCD  display
 Fan and aluminum cooled
 forward & reflected power
 Audio level control
 RF power control
 VSWR and overheat protection -voltage protection
 Tested to exceed FCC standards

Our boxed and complete 2KW transmitters are a Pro specification FM broadcast transmitters ,they are considered to be one of the most heavy-duty solid-state transmitters in the world. These transmitters are ideally suited and designed for medium and high power radio stations. The output power is adjustable from 50 to 1600 watt..
The  2kw transmitter needs  5watts of input . (the 5 w exciter is included with the price)
The Broadcast-image 1.5KW  transmitters digital display on the front panel can indicate the forward and reverse power, power amplifier temperature, power amplifier voltage, PLL board voltage. 
The RF output is via an N type(silver&  Teflon) connector. Main input is via a fused swicthable IEC power connector.
 The double oscillator and VFO dual loop PLL system allows perfect audio flatness to below 10 Hz and surprising frequency stability.
The power amplifier is based on modern MOSFET device. A fresh air tunnel through the transmitter keeps cool air running right through the aluminum heatsink. The amplifier is protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (SWR) monitoring and voltage protection.
The power to the amplifier is turned back into the safety zone should a fault occur, keeping you on air rather than shutting down completely and taking you off air. Internal harmonic filtering keeps your RF signal clean and compliant to FCC/DTR standards.
The transmitter contains two fully approved efficient switched mode power supply modules with a a universal input voltage range from 85-260 volts AC, Ensuring compatability of any mains system WORLD-WIDE.
The FM2KW is an attractive all in one broadcast solution for meduim and high scale stations. the price is less than half that of other comparable systems.

Price: $24500.00 $19999.00

Product Code: 1.5M4
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